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Digital download

Look, we know that you want to splash your photos all over your social media and guess what? We've made it super easy to do that. With one button you can text, email and airdrop your photos to your phone for almost instant sharing... oh and don't forget to use #candidphotopod we love seeing what you have been up to. Event organisers don't worry you wont miss out! we provide a link for you to download all the photos from the event, the good, the bad and the ugly (not that any of your guests are ugly). 


full day hire

Who wants to miss out on a photo opportunity? We sure don't! As candid photopod is completely digital this means no pod attendant. You can strike that pose with no one watching. And even more importantly no time limit. The hire period is from the word go until the last dance. You can take as long as you like to get THAT photo ( you know who you are and we live for it) psst! did you know it has an angle feature to get all the those good angles, thank us later.


Oh don't we all love options? Well we are giving it to you. Boomerangs, gifs, videos, LED lighting, green screens, flower walls, neons, filters we've got it all. And better yet we use the latest innovative technology to keep the photopod updated so we can stay bang on trend for your guests. Did someone say the coolest kids in town? 

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We are all about the design, should we say it again for you all in the back? Lets get your brand noticed! We can use overlays to customize your event, led changing lights, the photopod itself can even also be wrapped in your brand colors .. fancy right?

bragging rights

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